Welcome to Beyond Africa Consult, we offer Corporate training, International education tours & symposium, Project management & research, Team building, Holiday packages / hotel booking & Conference facilities, and VIP transport services. Whether you need team building acivities, to book for hotel, rent a car, or your parcel to be delivered, we will provide customized solution to suit your needs. We have real interest to your business growth.

Training & Seminars

For Local or International Educational Training & Seminars, incluiding Team Building. We known to deliver. We carefully plan our courses and team building activities to help you achieve your objectives.

Holiday Packages

We offer the best hotels and holiday destinations in the region and all over the world. We make arrangements for holidays which will take your breath away and leave memories that linger for all the right reasons.

Rental & Leasing

We operate fleet of cars and We understand new Heavy Equipments comes with hefty price tags. We offer wide range of well serviced and maintained machinery and vehicles for rental and lease.

Logistics & Motorcade

We provide a wide range of vehicles and security details as a package with VIP treatment for executive persons, brides, staff and honored people. Comprises of 3 or more vehicles making a motorcade and chauffeur driven.

International Education Seminars!

Beyond Africa Consult has been known to organize successful foreign international seminars.
Such as:
  • Devolution
  • Urban Agriculture & Regional Climate
  • Disaster Management
  • Secured Cities Safer Cities
  • Corporate Governance
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Seminar Courses & Topics

Beyond Africa Consult! Is well known to conduct successful Corporate Training, Local and International Education Tours and Symposiums. With wide range of carefully planned Topic and Courses rich in tools and information that suits and achieves training and seminars objectives. Leaving professional participants feeling excited, informed, and prepared

Cyber security and safety wareness
Cyber security and safety wareness
Cyber security and safety wareness

Cyber security and safety wareness


Customer Service
Customer Service
September 2017...
Customer Service

Customer Service

September 2017

Legal Audit for Banks
Legal Audit for Banks
Legal Audit for Banks

Legal Audit for Banks


Counties in Transition
Counties in Transition
Counties in Transition

Counties in Transition



Schooling Leadership!

Beyond Africa Consult company have trained over 700 executives across Kenya on various aspects of Behaviours, Etiquatte, Human Resource, Accounting and Governance which have equipped and empowered them to become effective leaders and professionals.

What Can Beyond Africa Consult Lease

Exotic Cars
Safaris Vehicles
Heavy Equipment and Machinery
Heavy Trucks and Tools
Construction Equipment
Oil and Gas Drilling Equipment

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Cars & Heavy Machinery For Lease, Hire & Rental

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